Money Motive (visualize your money- past, present, and FUTURE)

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    Visualize your income & expenses with 10 different kinds of charts

    • zoom in/out
    • show your current day’s finances,  or project into the future  20+ years
      • analyze how every expense affect your bottom line
      • accurately see your true income
  • View your budget in a calendar in 3 different types of calendar views (month, week, day)
  • See your financial outlook today, and project up to 25 years into the future
    • All income & expenses
      • see both, income, or expenses
    • Overall income & expenses
      • see both, income, or expenses
    • Income minus expenses
    • expenses minus income
  • Track income and expenses
    • set a schedule when your income or expenses occurs (ex. every x days monthly, weekly, or daily)
    • add/edit/delete income and expenses
      • Planning a vacation? Accurately see how it affects your money in 6 months
  • budget your income and expenses
    • experiment for hours with your charts
  • 10 Charts include:
    1. Column
    2. Pie
    3. Bar
    4. Doughnut
    5. Pyramid
    6. Funnel
    7. Stacked Column
    8. Stacked Bar
    9. Half Doughnut
    10. Half Pie


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